Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Not sure what foods are seasonal right now?

The River Cottage website has a handy table showing which foods are seasonal and when. It's broken down by food group--vegetables, fruit, fish, game, and so on--and is cross-linked with recipes on the site. It obviously applies to the UK, but if anyone can find a similar resource for elsewhere, please post it in the comments.


Katie said...

Thanks for the tip. There's all this talk about eating in season, but I never had any idea which fruits and vegetables are in season when.

Graeme said...

It's hard to tell sometimes since almost everything is available in the supermarkets year round. I have a general idea of what fruit and veg is in season (though not with the precision of that table) but I don't think that I knew that some foods, like fish, even had a season.

I feel like I used to know these things far better when I was a child and had a vegetable garden in the back and fruit trees.