Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bagels! Bagels! Bagels!

So I'm a Montreal Jew. This means that I grew up on the tastiest bagels in the world. I moved to the UK four years ago, and every day away from my precious Montreal bagels is painful. The bagels in this country, they are a travesty.

A few months ago I made some very tasty whole wheat bagels from a hippie bread cookbook I found at an Oxfam bookshop a while back. They were tasty, if not a bit hard, but enjoyed by all. I've been wanting to further my bagel expertise in hopes of selling them at our local farmers' market in the future, and in doing so, I stumbled upon this recipe.

Both hilarious, and startlingly perfect, I am not even going to bother reposting the recipe because you should just click that link, read it while chuckling, and then follow the recipe exactly because it is 100% awesome. These bagels came out chewy and dense, and two days later are still edible even without toasting! They brought joy to all those who tasted them. They may have even been eaten with cream cheese and lox, as it should be.

So go go go to the linked recipe, and in the meantime, here is a shot of these puppies poofing up while boiling (one of the coolest things to watch ever):

And here is another glamour shot of the bagels, just for good measure.


Lee said...

I promise to never again suggest that there is not much difference between a Montreal bagel and any other bagel.

Anna said...

I don't believe you.

tal said...

BAGELS! I will try this recipe for sure.