Thursday, 29 March 2007

Music to sell scones by

In three weeks, Graeme and I are planning on debuting our much anticipated farmers' market stall at the local farmers' market, which takes place every Saturday afternoon, and which is frequented by wholesome families that love local organic vegetables and also talking about compost. We will be selling scones, bagel, pierogy and savoury pies. Part of the process of planning the stall has involved us contemplating potential music to play while selling scones in the sunshine. One friend suggested that we make a mix CD of songs about food and we have decided that this is an inspired idea. Then we realised that we can think of very few songs about food.

So help us, friends. What do we put on our CD?


Anonymous said...

I am seriously disturbed that I can't be there to see your debut.

Please post photos!

I have no ideas for songs.


Tom said...

Comedian Demetri Martin has a song about grapes. “I like grapes. They’re so nutritious to me.”

Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic

Top ten songs about food from the Observer.

She Don't Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips

Starfish and Coffee by Prince

The Soup Song – The Mighty Boosh

Chocolate Salty Balls (PS I Love You) by Chef

All U Can Eat by Ben Folds

Stay Hungry by Talking Heads (from More Songs About Buildings And Food)

That enough for now?

Anna said...

RDK, it's April 21st, you should come and bring the pumpkins! Or alternately, yeah, we're planning on taking lots of photos to show off our wares. The market's website is here: and you may be amused to see that Graeme has taken on my name. Feminists!

Tom, thank you for the suggestions!

Fraser said...

Soup is good food - Dead Kennedys

Cherry Pie - Warrant (you MUST include this one)

Bacon Fat - George Smith

Also, "She's Gone" by Hall & Oats, could very easily be transformed into "Cheese Scone", plus you have Oats as well. Hard to ignore.