Sunday, 18 March 2007

Let me tell you about food I like.

Graeme and I are starting this blog because 95% of our conversations revolve around food. The other 5% revolve around cute animals or being outraged about politics, but you can find discussion of that stuff at our other blog. We are constantly talking about recipe ideas, new foods we'd like to try, food ethics, what you should, and shouldn't, put on a pizza. We read a lot of other food blogs. We look forward to farmers' market day more than any other day in the week. We subscribe to food magazines. We are giant food nerds.

Being and Thyme (Graeme's witty title choice) will be our outlet for this sort of talk. We will post our experiments, our successes, our forays into various aspects of food culture. We like: fresh, seasonal foods, made from scratch, made to be healthful, but free of any guilt, we like breads and veggies and local organic meats that we buy from the market every Saturday. We like the seasonal produce box we wake up to every Tuesday morning. We like fish from our fishmonger who was recently voted one of the top three in the UK. He sells the most gorgeous tuna steaks in the world. We like mostly vegetarian foods, accentuated with good, ethical, meats and fish. We like chocolate, cheesecake and pies. We like scones (Graeme makes the best ones ever!) and hearty breads (one of my joys). We like traditional foods that we grew up on (Graeme: West Coast of Canada specialties, Anna: traditional Jewish and Polish feasts). We like treating one another after a long day to something warm and interesting that makes you relax, and smile. Also, we like nachos.

We hope to share some of these things on this blog. We'll post recipes, although be warned that they will be tinged with an element of Jewish grandmother-dom: Don't expect the most exact of measurements. Expect a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. We'll try to include little sections at the end of each entry detailing "What is healthy about this recipe"; "What is seasonal in this recipe"; "What I learned" and "What I will change next time."

Just writing this has made me hungry.

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