Saturday, 31 March 2007

Is organic food healthier?

According to Peter Melchett in The Guardian, the science appears to indicate so. Just don't expect politicians to recognise it. The article is here.


Lee said...


Incidentally it's a very lame argument to suggest that, simply because a government pursues a policy you don't like, it must, perforce, be in bed with the [insert hated enemy's name here] industry. It's a sign of how widespread conspiracy theorising has become today that such nutjob assertions go unchallenged.

It's particularly loony to suggest a conspiracy between government and the food industry given the government's incredibly interventionist attitude to food and lifestyle. In recent months alone it has banned food advertising aimed at children and introduced a new food labelling system opposed by the food industry and food retailers, not to speak of its general campaigns against 'junk' food and its hectoring the nations about the need for a healthy diet, which extends to refusing some medical treatment to fat people.

narutoevil said...

I can't say that it is really healthy but just based on my experienced, it really effective I mean the organic is really healthy for our body too. I usually have an organic food delivered by my favorite store to my house. It usually consists of fresh fruits and vegetables because I can't live without these. Its kinda ahm my life its the one who gave me life. hahaha sounds weird but true..